What is MyIndustry AI Scholarship?


What is the objective?

+ The objective is to train more talent with Applied AI skills to solve real industry problem.


What is the benefit (to the participating company)?

+ Solving a business problem using applied AI Computer Vision
+ Access to highly skilled AI talent
+ Access to university Subject Matter Expert (SME)
+ Access to  AI infrastructures/tools at the university


What is the benefit (to the student)?

+ Fully paid tuition fee and min RM2,500 monthly stipend for 18-24 months.
+ Hands on skills on real industry problem
+ Supervised by both industry and academia subject matter experts
+ Obtain Masters by Research in AI degree from a recognized university

Interested with MyIndustry AI Scholarship ?

Participating University


University Of Malaya (UM)

University of Technology Malaysia (UTM)

Multimedia University (MMU)

Participating Companies




Green Packet

G3 Global


Iris Corporation

Poladrone Solutions

Participating Company’s role

Provide a problem statement

Selection of student

Provide student stipend of min RM2,500 per month

IP to be shared between Company and University

Joint project/research supervision with University

Interested Companies